key and lock safety for your home

3 Key Reasons Why Your Transponder Key Or Key Fob Is Not Working

Do you own an up-to-date vehicle? If so, you likely rely on a transponder key and/or a key fob to operate multiple functions on your vehicle such as the ignition, door locks, and trunk. Sometimes, individuals have an issue with these devices. The devices were created to enhance the security of modern vehicles. This is why when they malfunction or stop working, the owners of the vehicles may panic and get frustrated. Most of the time, resolving the issue is easy for a locksmith or a dealership. Read More 

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key and lock safety for your home

When was the last time you have had the locks in your home replaced? Have you ever lost a set of keys or handed your car keys with a house key on the key ring to a valet parking attendant? Maybe you have handed your keys off to a mechanic to get your car repaired. Did you know that it only takes a few minutes to make a copy of the keys on the key ring? You can learn more about keeping your keys safe and when to replace the locks on your home by visiting my website. There, you will learn what I had to learn the hard way.