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3 Key Reasons Why Your Transponder Key Or Key Fob Is Not Working

Do you own an up-to-date vehicle? If so, you likely rely on a transponder key and/or a key fob to operate multiple functions on your vehicle such as the ignition, door locks, and trunk. Sometimes, individuals have an issue with these devices. The devices were created to enhance the security of modern vehicles. This is why when they malfunction or stop working, the owners of the vehicles may panic and get frustrated. Most of the time, resolving the issue is easy for a locksmith or a dealership. The problem is common and often comes down to programming the keys. The following points will help you identify some reasons why your devices may not work.

Spare Keys

If you decide to purchase an aftermarket replacement or spare key rather than one from the original manufacturer, do not expect the device to start working immediately. It will require programming to work. This is quite different from traditional keys that are designed for older model cars. In the past, it was as simple as purchasing a replacement key or getting an ignition and doors re-keyed. Keys were cut from metal and usually worked just like the originals. 

Weak Batteries

This is a commonly overlooked reason key fobs stop working. Some people expect the batteries in their key fobs to last indefinitely or for many years. The batteries in key fobs will need to get replaced. This varies depending on the quality of the batteries. Some battery manufacturers list the expected life expectancy of their batteries as well as expiration dates. If you experience a non-working key fob or one that requires several button pushes to respond to an action initiated by you, change the batteries. If the key fob continues to behave the same way, it is possible that mechanical damage is the culprit.

Internal Damage

Perhaps your key fob looks like it is in pristine condition. However, it may have internal damages that cannot be seen by external observation. Frayed wires could be present within the device or the area of your vehicle that needs to receive the transmitted signal to initiate an action. You may have gotten used to having traditional keys that can endure rough handling. However, your key fob and transponder key are sensitive to rough handling and incidental impacts such as dropping them on the ground or tossing them on a hard surface such as a countertop. Rough handling can cause internal mechanisms to move out of their original position.

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