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Secure Storage Options For Duplicate Keys To Your Truck

If you have purchased duplicate keys to your truck and would like to store them in places that are easily accessible and that will not likely be subjected to theft, try one of the following ideas. As a result, if you ever find that you have been locked out of your vehicle or lose the original ignition key to it, you can put your hands on one of the replacement keys with ease so that you will be able to drive your truck when necessary.  

Locking Device That Is Designed To Look Like A Household Item

Purchase a locking device that is designed to look like a household item. Many locking devices that are sold by security companies resemble medication containers, food products, or beverage cans. This type of item can be stored among other items in your home, garage, or vehicle and anyone who spots it won't be aware that your keys are stored inside of it. Besides placing your keys inside of the security device, you can also store other items, such as jewelry or money.

Portable GPS System

If you place your keys in a basic container and tend to move items inside of your home around a lot, attach a portable GPS system to the item that your keys are stored inside of. A portable system does not take long to hook up and can be programmed so that alerts are sent to your phone or another mobile device. The alerts will notify you if the container that your keys are stored in is moved. If so, you will be able to locate them in an easy manner.

If you decide to place your keys in another location in the future, you can move the GPS along with them so that you can continue to keep track of where they are stored. 

Hidden Wall Safe

Hire a locksmith to install a hidden wall safe that resembles a painting, electrical outlet, or another item that is usually located on a wall. If you are concerned about someone gaining access to your keys and stealing your vehicle, the safe will deter them from finding them and will keep your keys within reach at all times. Many wall safes have a keypad attached to them.

When you first have the safe installed, you will be given the opportunity to select a code to gain access to the safe. Safes are fireproof and will provide you with sufficient space to store other items that you fear losing.

Once you select one of the storage options, you can drive your vehicle without needing to worry about encountering a situation in which you will not be able to gain entry to it. For more information, contact a locksmith, like one from One Call Lock & Key.

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key and lock safety for your home

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