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3 Reasons To Install A Wifi Capable Lock

WiFi technology has been incorporated into so many different areas of your everyday life that it should come as no surprise that WiFi locks have become available for your home or office. These locks allow you to access them wirelessly through your cellphone, tablet, or computer in order to manipulate them. Listed below are just a few reasons to install a WiFi capable lock.

Avoid Locking Yourself Out

One of the best reasons to install a WiFi capable lock is that you will find it much harder to lock yourself out of your own home. This is because you have so many ways of accessing your home with a WiFi capable lock that it becomes less likely that you will not have a way into the home. For example, you would have to forget both your keys and cell phone to get locked out of the house while also not being able to get somewhere that will allow you to use the Internet to unlock the WiFi lock. 

Manage Visitor Access

Another reason to use a WiFi capable lock is that it can make it much easier for you to arrange for visitors or house guests to have access to your home. For example, you can simply have your visitors download the app for your lock and you can provide them with a digital pass. In addition, if your guests arrive while you are out shopping or at work, you can simply access the lock's secure website or the app and unlock the door for them. 

A nice added feature is that many WiFi capable locks will also allow you to customize your guests' passes. This can allow you to set the pass to only work for a few hours or days while they are visiting. You can also restrict the hours of the day in which the guest pass is valid. 

Monitor Access 

Finally, WiFi capable locks are a great way to keep track of who is entering your home and at what times. This is possible because many WiFi locks will actually keep a record of who has recently entered the home. This can help you track down if your children have been skipping school and coming home after you have left for work.

Another way that this can help you is by narrowing down the suspects if something has gone missing. In that situation, you can look at the access logs and see who accessed the house in the timeframe that you believe that your item went missing.

Contact a locksmith or lock vendor, like one from Suburban Lock, today in order to discuss how a WiFi capable lock can benefit you and your home. These locks can help you avoid locking yourself out, manage visitor access, and monitor who enters your home.

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