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Reasons Why It Is Beneficial To Anchor Your Safe To The Floor

If you just purchased a large upright safe to keep inside your home, you will soon be enjoying the feeling of security you have in keeping items locked and out of the grip of others. To get the most benefit out of a safe, anchoring it to the floor is an option to consider. Here are some of the reasons why an anchored safe is the best way to protect your items.

Reducing The Chance Of An Injury

A safe that has been anchored into your flooring is not a risk to children or pets who may become curious around the structure. If a person or large pet tries to climb on top of an unsecured safe, there is a chance it could topple over. This could in turn hurt both the climber and anyone in its path.

Injury is also a risk when the front door is in an open position. The door is considerably heavier than the rest of the structure. If the safe tips forward due to a sloped floor or uneven weight distribution, injury can occur. To avoid these scenarios completely, have a locksmith adhere your safe to your floor so it cannot be budged. 

Cutting The Likelihood Of Broken Materials

If you keep valuables such as guns or jewelry inside a large safe, they can become broken if the safe is jostled around, causing the items hit the interior walls. This could happen from someone deliberately trying to gain entry to the enclosure or from an act of nature, such as a hurricane, tornado, or earthquake. 

Decreasing The Risk Of Stolen Materials

A safe that is bolted into the floor is much harder to steal from than one that is not. The thief would not have the opportunity to knock the enclosure to the ground in hopes it will break open. Thieves try getting into safes using tools like hacksaws, axes, or hammers. If the safe is anchored it is more awkward to get the right angle to break into the container. 

If a thief sees a safe anchored to the floor, they will usually not take the time to try to figure out how to get it loose as there is an increased chance of someone catching them in the act if they stay in the area too long. Some thieves will remove an entire safe to break into at their leisure. If the safe is anchored, this type of theft is eliminated.

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