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Why A Vehicle With A Transponder Key Is Ideal

Buying a luxury vehicle is nice, but it can also be attractive to criminals that are in the business of stealing cars. You can purchase the luxury vehicle that you desire and have security that it won't get stolen by making sure it is equipped with a transponder key. There are several features about vehicles that have transponder keys that make them ideal for protection against thieves. You will find a few of the benefits that a transponder key can offer in this article, which will help you make a decision on getting a vehicle that has one or not.

A Transponder Key Will Be Unique to Your Specific Vehicle

Each vehicle that has a transponder key has extra protection against car thieves because duplication the key is difficult without the skills of a locksmith or getting one made through a car dealership. Every transponder key has a little microchip in it that is made out of plastic. What makes the transponder key unique to a single vehicle is the transmitter that it contains inside of it. There is only one transmitter per vehicle that contains a unique set of serial numbers. A thief might be able to start your car with any type of key, but the car will not move unless the transponder key is used with the unique serial numbers.

What Is So Special About the Serial Numbers on a Transponder Key?

The unique serial numbers on a transponder key are actually the key to keeping your car secure. The reason is due to them matching serial numbers that are also on a transmitter that is on the engine. When a transponder key is used, it sends a signal to the engine for the serial numbers to be verified. If the numbers are wrong, the engine immobilizers will not allow the vehicle to move. Thieves will have to spend a long time trying to get your car to move, which is likely to detour them away due to the fear of getting caught.

The Functionality of Your Vehicle Will Be Easier

A great feature about a transponder key is that it allows you to enter your vehicle with the push of a button. Not having to look for keys to get inside of a vehicle can be a big relief when you are in a hurry or trying to escape from someone.  You can also start your vehicle with the push of a button. Keep in mind that a locksmith with the right skills can equip your current vehicle with a transponder key if you decide that getting a new vehicle is not in your best interest.

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