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2 Questions About Using A Locksmith When Locked Out Of Your Car

Accidentally locking your keys in your car can happen to anybody. Your hands are full, you hit the lock button on the door so that you don't need to grab your keys too, and then you realize that you left the keys in the car. Thankfully, you can call a locksmith to help get out of your jam. If you have never used a locksmith to get into your car before, you may have some questions about how it works.

How Do Locksmiths Know It's My Car They Are Opening?

Hiring a locksmith to get into your car is not as simple as having them drive out to your vehicle and make a key for you. It would become a huge security problem, which is why professional locksmiths do not operate on the honor system. There will be a few steps you need to do before they open your car.

You'll first need to prove that you own the car. This can be done by showing the registration, or if you don't have access to it because it is locked in your car, pulling up your car insurance information on your smartphone will do.  It should have identifying information such as your name with the vehicle make and model.

How Do Locksmiths Open Cars Without Causing Damage?

Some cars can be opened using a special tool that slides between the door and the glass in the window, which is used to operate the locking mechanism and unlock the door. Some lock switches can also be manipulated if you left a window slightly open, which allows specialized tools to get into the car and flip the switch.

The car dealership can also supply information on the key that you had, considering that you didn't change the locks on the car at some point. If you lost the keys completely, the dealership can also provide key codes for the microchip on the ignition key that lets it start the car.

There are even smartphone apps that allow you to take a photo of your key, which will read the pin positions. It will help a locksmith make a key based on that data without needing to contact the dealership. This is a great option for if you didn't change the locks to your car.

Being locked out of a car is a stressful situation, but a locksmith can help you get back in so you can get back on the road again.

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