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How Your Business Can Use Three Types Of Access Control

No matter what type of business you have, you need to be able to keep it secure in a variety of ways. You must have some type of lock on the doors to keep people from entering when you are closed. Some areas of your establishment need to be secured from the public, but allow access to the employees. There may also be places that should be accessible to only you and your managers. Here are three types of access control you can use to keep everything in your business operation secure.

Keys or Cards

Areas that only need to be locked sometimes and left open at other times can use keys or swipe cards for entry. This could include the doors to the business, restrooms or supply closets. Keys and/or cards can be given to employees as they need them. The problems with these entry devices are they do not allow you to know who it was who used them and they can end up with someone who should not have them.

Personal Identification Numbers or Passwords

Cash registers and employee areas can have locks that require a special number combination or password. Each employee can have his or her own entry code. These codes cannot be left around for someone to find, but can be told to others. For the most part, you will be able to tell who it was that gained access to the area. If the person told someone else the code, the original code owner can be held responsible for anything that happened.


Any area that needs to have strictly restricted access should have a biometric locking device in place. These locks can only be opened with something like a fingerprint, voice recognition or facial scan. While this measure may seem extreme, if your business has highly sensitive information or stores a lot of money or other valuables, it may be necessary.

It is also possible to have backup systems in place. For example, if the front doors have a key lock, but the key is not working or is lost, you can also have a keypad that allows the employee to enter his or her code for entry. You may even set it so that key-only entry is limited to specific times. Employees may need to have a code to enter once they leave for the night, even if they have a key. This allows you to know who went back into the establishment alone after hours. Having multiple access controls in place means you know exactly who has access to what within your company.

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key and lock safety for your home

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