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3 Important Reasons Your Store Locks Should Be Changed

When you initially take over a commercial location to fill with your own business, it is highly likely that the security of the property will get your utmost attention and you will put a lot of time and thought into making the place secure. You may install new security systems and features and especially, put new locks on the doors to the building. However, after several years in one location, the security provided by the locks on your doors will start to dwindle for some very good reasons. There are at least three crucial times that the locks of your commercial property should be changed. 

When Your Store Has Been Broken Into 

If the security of your store is ever compromised and you are broken into, it is definitely time to change the locks. This may seem like one of the more logical times that you should install new locks, but many store owners disregard this fact or blame the break in on a different security feature altogether. A breach in security is a good sign that your store is not secure all the way around, even when it comes to the locks on your doors. 

Each Time You Have Your Security System Updated

When you have a security professional come into your commercial property to upgrade the security system, it is the perfect time to also call a commercial locksmith for new locks. If there have been innovative changes in other security features, such as surveillance and alarms, there is a good chance that new technology in commercial locks will also be available. Plus, it is always a good idea if you can combine the services for a commercial locksmith and security expert to get an incredible store security upgrade all the way around. 

During Key Management Changes 

It is not uncommon for upper-level management employees to have access to keys that open all kinds of locks in your store. If changes take place and a once-trusted individual leaves the store, it is always a good idea to have locks re-keyed or changed by a locksmith. Even if you have been given all of the store keys back, someone with ill intent could have easily had duplicates created. 

By keeping the locks in your commercial business up to date and changed, you will be much less likely to see problems with store security over time. If you think it is time for your store locks to have some attention, contact commercial locksmith, like Hicks Safes & Locks Inc, services for help. 

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