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The Basics Of An Ergonomic Relocation

Ergonomics is the study and practice of performing everyday tasks safely. Ergonomics stresses the importance of reducing pressure on the joints and muscles in the body, ensuring safe movement and preventing injuries. The principals of ergonomics can be applied to all manner of normal household tasks and life events, including household relocation. In fact, ergonomic safety is incredibly important during a relocation, because moving is such a physically demanding task. These tips will help you stay safe during your upcoming relocation, helping you avoid injury.

Make Smart Lifting Choices

Improper lifting technique can cause back injuries that can last days, weeks or even a lifetime. To prevent injuries, avoid packing heavy boxes. Do not twist your body or back during a lift, and avoid lifting any boxes up over your head. When holding a box, keep it close to your body to avoid putting undue pressure on your back. Avoid lifting boxes quickly, as fast movements can lead to injuries.

Use Ergonomic Moving Equipment

Moving equipment like dollies and carts can help you move several boxes at once without placing extra pressure on your back. These standard pieces of equipment are known to make relocations easier and more efficient. However, there are many lifting devices that can improve ergonomic conditions during your relocation. These devices include:

  • Lifting straps. Lifting straps attach to the body and make it easier for adults to lift large, bulky items like dressers, appliances and mattresses.
  • Ramps. Ramps prevent injuries by enabling carts to roll down stairs and up into the truck, rather than lifting.
  • Boxes with handles. This option is often a little bit more costly, but boxes with handles are easier to lift than boxes that don't have handles, resulting in fewer awkward postures.

Following these tips can help you stay safe during your upcoming relocation. However, even if you are using correct ergonomic techniques, you can still get hurt during a move. 

Reduce Chances of Slips, Trips and Falls

Slips, trips and falls are a big risk when boxes and clutter are strewn the floor, as often happens during packing activities. To prevent accidents, keep clutter up off the ground. Sweep at the end of every day while packing is taking place, and move clutter to surfaces like tables and counters, where it is unlikely to cause an accident. While packing, wearing sturdy, close-toed shoes with rubber soles can help ensure good balance and secure footing.

For more information about how to have a more ergonomically correct move, speak with your movers and/or moving equipment dealers. 

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key and lock safety for your home

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