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Security Considerations To Make When Replacing Your Front Door's Lock

Do you need to replace your front door's lock? To get the best lock for your front door and other security additions, you'll want to explore your options. Here are the top considerations to think about when your front door's lock must be replaced.

What Type of Lock You Want

The type of lock that you select will play a big role in determining the security of your front door. Other factors matter also, such as the way the frame is installed and the quality of the hinges.

A convenient solution that is being implemented nowadays is a mortise sashlock. This lock combines a mortise lock with a handle-operated mechanism. Therefore, you can close and lock the door without having to use a key.

Another popular lock type that burglars have a tough time getting through is a deadbolt. The locking mechanism of a deadbolt is hidden away by solid steel. The burglar would have to drill through the steel to access the locking mechanism, which is difficult to do because of the thickness of the steel.

If You Want Additional Locks

When you call out a locksmith, like Fox Chase Lock & Key, to replace the front door lock, ask for additional locks to be added. These will provide another layer of protection if a burglar tries to breach the door. Common options include the door chain and bolt. The door chain allows you to open the door a few inches to see who is out there without completely unlocking the door.  

The bolt can only be operated from the inside and will fit into a hole drilled into the side of the door. The strength of the bolt will be determined by its thickness and how deep it is inserted into the side of the door. While door chains do provide advantages for doors without peepholes, they can be ruined if enough force is applied to the door. A door bar or a security screen door may offer the same benefits, but provide more strength.

If You Want an Alarm System

For additional security you can ask the locksmith to install an alarm system. There are reasonably-priced DIY options out there that can be installed to the side of your door from the inside. When you go to sleep at night a sensor can be extended from the alarm unit; and if the door opens, a loud sound will go off. The alarm unit itself does not take up much space, and it has the limitation of only being compatible with doors that open inwards.  If you want a security system that packs more of a punch, expect to pay anywhere from $100 to $1,500. However, you may be able to mitigate these costs through your insurance company, since homes that are more secure typically have lower homeowners rates. 

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