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2 Quick, Afforable Replacement Options for Unusual Keys

If you lose a spare house key, the solution is simple. You take the original key to a hardware store, have a new copy made, and head along on your way. But sometimes the lost or broken key in question pertains to a more specific locking arrangement. And that specificity also tends to mean a high price tag on the replacement key.

But there are sometimes quick, affordable alternative options when dealing with unusual key replacements.

Child-Proof Magnetic Cabinet Locks 

Keeping young children out of the kitchen cabinets often requires the use of locks. And a new breed of magnetic locks allows parents to lock the cabinets without changing the exterior appearance. The lock base is installed to the rear of a cabinet door. This lock can only be opened with an included rare earth magnetic key that is pressed against the spot on the door in front of the base.

These lock and key setups can be found for a reasonable price online. But if you lose the key and desperately need into the locked cabinet, you can't wait around for an online order to ship out. But you're not out of luck.

Simply head to the local hardware store or large general purpose store and look for a strong refrigerator magnet. Look for a model that advertises itself as a rare earth magnet. You will now essentially have a replacement key for your cabinet and a new refrigerator magnet.

Electronic Car Keys

The inclusion of electronics into modern car keys makes the duplicating process a bit more difficult. Visiting the dealership can cost you hundreds of dollars for a replacement. But there are a few alternative options.

First, stop at any used car dealerships in your area that frequently stock your make of car. Ask if they have any spare keys laying around and what they would charge to create you a new set from the spare. You will still need to pay for the key, but it will likely cost far less than the new car dealership.

You can also try local hardware stores, which frequently advertise the ability to duplicate specialized automotive keys. Or you can cut to the chase and head straight to a reputable locksmith.

Always test to make sure the key works before you pay. Even well-intended key creators can make mistakes and you don't want to leave the shop still without a working key to your car. For more information, talk to a professional like ASAP Mobile Locksmiths.

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