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Useful Craft Ideas For Old Padlocks

Old padlocks are beautiful objects by themselves. You can display them as decoration in your home. You can also use them to make interesting objects that are useful in your home. Those padlocks might be old but they still work. Make beautiful crafts from them for your home.

Key Holder

People place key holder next to the front door so they can place their keys on them as soon as they get home. When they go to leave, the key is right there easy to find. Key holders make sure you don't spend precious minutes searching for missing keys. What better use for antique padlocks than as key holders?

Use metal epoxy to glue padlocks upside down on a board or piece of antiqued metal. Epoxy guarantees a strong chemical bond. Place S-hooks on the loop part of the padlocks and pinch the one end closed with pliers. Leave the dangling end open to hang your keys.

Best Friend Key-chains

Use smaller, not-so-heavy padlocks to make best friend key-chains. Place a sturdy jump ring on the loop part of the padlock. Add beads, gems, pendants, feathers, or whatever decorations you want on the jump ring and then add a split ring. The split ring is the ring often used for key-chains. Do the same thing with the matching key so that the two pieces look similar.

What's fun about these key-chains is that neither of them have any use when the best friends aren't together. The key won't open anything and the padlock won't open at all. That is, until the best friends are together.

Craft Storage

Padlocks are a great, decorative way to store common craft goods. Slip the loops on a pair of scissors on to the padlock and lock it. The scissors won't open. This is great if you have kids that love to play with scissors. Keep jump rings and other findings on the loop of the padlock. They won't get tangled or end up spread about your craft drawer. With padlocks, even storage can be crafty and look awesome.

Locked Box

Build an old wood box and keep it locked with the antique padlock. The box will have a rustic look that's perfect for a country-themed home. Fill it with items you need to keep stored or leave it empty as decoration.

Another great locked box idea is to make a birdhouse. Make the front of the birdhouse a door and keep it locked with the padlock. You will have to unlock the padlock to put food inside the birdhouse. It will look like a country home for the wild birds.

No matter how old, a padlock still has use. They look beautiful, as well, and are perfect for crafts of all kind. For more creative ideas, speak with experts like LI Locksmiths Inc.

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key and lock safety for your home

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