key and lock safety for your home

How Hiring A Locksmith Can Help Your Business

There are several ways to add security measures to your daily activities around your business. If you are a small business owner, using these measures is imperative in order to keep your wares, company information and financial assets safe from theft. They can also help in case of an emergency. Here are a few ways that hiring a locksmith can help you around your business, keeping your belongings and your employees safe.

Door Keys

A locksmith can key all of your entryways so that a master-key can be used by you or someone else you designate. This is very helpful when you need to access an area quickly, as you will have the key that lets you into the area without needing to search through several choices on a key ring. If someone accidentally locks themselves inside a room, you would be able to get them out with the master-key, saving time you would have spent to wait for your locksmith to arrive. 

Access Control Systems

An access control system can be installed by a locksmith to help you keep track of who is coming into your business at any given time. If you have several employees, this can be hooked up to a time clock, helping you keep track of hours worked.

If anything were to happen within your business, you would have access to a list of names of the employees inside the building at the time of the mishap. If you are worried about employee theft, having access control system service can help you in determining who may be involved. It is also a deterrent in theft, as most employees will not risk ill behavior while knowing they are being tracked.

Push Bars

Consider having push bars installed on doors in case of a fire or other evacuation event. Employees would be able to swiftly get out of the building without needing to worry about keys or locks. A push bar is a faster way to get the door open than a doorknob would be and it can be hooked up to an alarm. If the door is opened, it would alert people within the building that there is an emergency and that they should get out right away.

Lock Issues

If you have a breach in security, you can have a locksmith arrive the same day to change out the locks on your business. Attempted robbery or a disgruntled employee are reasons to have codes changed in access systems or to have physical locks replaced. 

If you have filing cabinets or safes that you cannot access due to a lost key, a locksmith (such as A & R Lockshop) would be able to come to your rescue. The enclosure would be opened for you and if needed, a locksmith can make you a new key or replace the lock on the equipment so you will not be unable to access your goods again.

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key and lock safety for your home

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