How Your Business Can Use Three Types Of Access Control

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No matter what type of business you have, you need to be able to keep it secure in a variety of ways. You must have some type of lock on the doors to keep people from entering when you are closed. Some areas of your establishment need to be secured from the public, but allow access to the employees. There may also be places that should be accessible to only you and your managers. Here are three types of access control you can use to keep everything in your business operation secure. Keys or Cards Areas that only need to be locked sometimes and left open at other times can use keys or swipe cards for entry. This could include the doors to the business, restrooms or supply closets. Keys and/or cards can be given to employees as they need them. The problems with these entry devices are they do not allow you to know who it was who used them and they can end up with someone who should not have them. Personal Identification Numbers or Passwords Cash registers and employee areas can have locks that require a special number combination or password. Each employee can have his or her own entry code. These codes cannot be left around for someone to find, but can be told to others. For the most part, you will be able to tell who it was that gained access to the area. If the person told someone else the code, the original code owner can be held responsible for anything that happened. Biometrics Any area that needs to have strictly restricted access should have a biometric locking device in place. These locks can only be opened with something like a fingerprint, voice recognition or facial scan. While this measure may seem extreme, if your business has highly sensitive information or stores a lot of money or other valuables, it may be necessary. It is also possible to have backup systems in place. For example, if the front doors have a key lock, but the key is not working or is lost, you can also have a keypad that allows the employee to enter his or her code for entry. You may even set it so that key-only entry is limited to specific times. Employees may need to have a code to enter once they leave for the night, even if they have a key. This allows you to know who went back into the establishment alone after hours. Having multiple access controls in place means you know exactly who has access to what within your company. Talk with a professional locksmith company like Midwest Lock & Security to discuss what lock best suits your business’s...

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3 Important Reasons Your Store Locks Should Be Changed

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When you initially take over a commercial location to fill with your own business, it is highly likely that the security of the property will get your utmost attention and you will put a lot of time and thought into making the place secure. You may install new security systems and features and especially, put new locks on the doors to the building. However, after several years in one location, the security provided by the locks on your doors will start to dwindle for some very good reasons. There are at least three crucial times that the locks of your commercial property should be changed.  When Your Store Has Been Broken Into  If the security of your store is ever compromised and you are broken into, it is definitely time to change the locks. This may seem like one of the more logical times that you should install new locks, but many store owners disregard this fact or blame the break in on a different security feature altogether. A breach in security is a good sign that your store is not secure all the way around, even when it comes to the locks on your doors.  Each Time You Have Your Security System Updated When you have a security professional come into your commercial property to upgrade the security system, it is the perfect time to also call a commercial locksmith for new locks. If there have been innovative changes in other security features, such as surveillance and alarms, there is a good chance that new technology in commercial locks will also be available. Plus, it is always a good idea if you can combine the services for a commercial locksmith and security expert to get an incredible store security upgrade all the way around.  During Key Management Changes  It is not uncommon for upper-level management employees to have access to keys that open all kinds of locks in your store. If changes take place and a once-trusted individual leaves the store, it is always a good idea to have locks re-keyed or changed by a locksmith. Even if you have been given all of the store keys back, someone with ill intent could have easily had duplicates created.  By keeping the locks in your commercial business up to date and changed, you will be much less likely to see problems with store security over time. If you think it is time for your store locks to have some attention, contact commercial locksmith, like Hicks Safes & Locks Inc, services for...

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The Basics Of An Ergonomic Relocation

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Ergonomics is the study and practice of performing everyday tasks safely. Ergonomics stresses the importance of reducing pressure on the joints and muscles in the body, ensuring safe movement and preventing injuries. The principals of ergonomics can be applied to all manner of normal household tasks and life events, including household relocation. In fact, ergonomic safety is incredibly important during a relocation, because moving is such a physically demanding task. These tips will help you stay safe during your upcoming relocation, helping you avoid injury. Make Smart Lifting Choices Improper lifting technique can cause back injuries that can last days, weeks or even a lifetime. To prevent injuries, avoid packing heavy boxes. Do not twist your body or back during a lift, and avoid lifting any boxes up over your head. When holding a box, keep it close to your body to avoid putting undue pressure on your back. Avoid lifting boxes quickly, as fast movements can lead to injuries. Use Ergonomic Moving Equipment Moving equipment like dollies and carts can help you move several boxes at once without placing extra pressure on your back. These standard pieces of equipment are known to make relocations easier and more efficient. However, there are many lifting devices that can improve ergonomic conditions during your relocation. These devices include: Lifting straps. Lifting straps attach to the body and make it easier for adults to lift large, bulky items like dressers, appliances and mattresses. Ramps. Ramps prevent injuries by enabling carts to roll down stairs and up into the truck, rather than lifting. Boxes with handles. This option is often a little bit more costly, but boxes with handles are easier to lift than boxes that don’t have handles, resulting in fewer awkward postures. Following these tips can help you stay safe during your upcoming relocation. However, even if you are using correct ergonomic techniques, you can still get hurt during a move.  Reduce Chances of Slips, Trips and Falls Slips, trips and falls are a big risk when boxes and clutter are strewn the floor, as often happens during packing activities. To prevent accidents, keep clutter up off the ground. Sweep at the end of every day while packing is taking place, and move clutter to surfaces like tables and counters, where it is unlikely to cause an accident. While packing, wearing sturdy, close-toed shoes with rubber soles can help ensure good balance and secure footing. For more information about how to have a more ergonomically correct move, speak with your movers and/or moving equipment...

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Working With Mortise Locks

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Lock and doorknob sets are available at all kinds of department stores and hardware stores, but if you want something uniquely charming and even more sturdy than the standard deadbolt lock for exterior doors, look to the noble mortise lock. As you look through your options, consider a few traits of the mortise lock and how it could work well with your door: How Does A Mortise Lock Work? Mortise locks offer a doubled effort in terms of security. It features both a deadbolt for the main lock and an often spring-loaded bolt above the deadbolt. The top bolt goes into a pre-cut groove or hole, which is called a mortise. The top locking system is often paired with a key, although both the mortise and the doorknob can include key sets. With two bolts in place, a would-be intruder would need to work for an extra amount of time to get into the door. Since security is the purpose of the mortise lock, you may find other features that enhances defenses. Many mortise locks include two bolts on the same spring-loaded system, which requires that a robber who wants to saw or otherwise break the lock needs to start on a second bolt.  The dual-bolt system has advantages over a single, thick bolt because of the way that metal separates when cutting begins. Once a cutter gets into the inner parts of metal, inner materials can be sawed and scraped away much easier than getting started on the bolt. With two or more bolts, the cutter needs to gain leverage and begin sawing on a new bolt, which can take more time. Be Careful When Working With Older Mortise Locks A mortise lock is designed to resist entry through cutting, lock-picking and even  breaking the lock assembly. Unlike many residential deadbolt locks, there’s more to the installation that screwing in a few face plates. Older mortise locks include screws and fittings that interlock at different parts of the door. To stop an industrious crook who would try to cut or bash around the lock, there are a few securing screws that can thwart prying or doorknob bashing. This can be a problem when trying to put an older mortise lock on a newer door. You’ll need the specific dimensions of the inner components as well as a truly snug fit for the mortise hole and bolt. Instead of trying to guess at the proper dimensions and potentially leaving the door vulnerable to brute force, ask a professional. Contact a locksmith to prepare your locks and bolt security in a way that doesn’t cut corners and works with the specific needs of your doors. To learn more, contact a company like Bellows Locksmith with any questions you...

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Security Considerations To Make When Replacing Your Front Door’s Lock

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Do you need to replace your front door’s lock? To get the best lock for your front door and other security additions, you’ll want to explore your options. Here are the top considerations to think about when your front door’s lock must be replaced. What Type of Lock You Want The type of lock that you select will play a big role in determining the security of your front door. Other factors matter also, such as the way the frame is installed and the quality of the hinges. A convenient solution that is being implemented nowadays is a mortise sashlock. This lock combines a mortise lock with a handle-operated mechanism. Therefore, you can close and lock the door without having to use a key. Another popular lock type that burglars have a tough time getting through is a deadbolt. The locking mechanism of a deadbolt is hidden away by solid steel. The burglar would have to drill through the steel to access the locking mechanism, which is difficult to do because of the thickness of the steel. If You Want Additional Locks When you call out a locksmith, like Fox Chase Lock & Key, to replace the front door lock, ask for additional locks to be added. These will provide another layer of protection if a burglar tries to breach the door. Common options include the door chain and bolt. The door chain allows you to open the door a few inches to see who is out there without completely unlocking the door.   The bolt can only be operated from the inside and will fit into a hole drilled into the side of the door. The strength of the bolt will be determined by its thickness and how deep it is inserted into the side of the door. While door chains do provide advantages for doors without peepholes, they can be ruined if enough force is applied to the door. A door bar or a security screen door may offer the same benefits, but provide more strength. If You Want an Alarm System For additional security you can ask the locksmith to install an alarm system. There are reasonably-priced DIY options out there that can be installed to the side of your door from the inside. When you go to sleep at night a sensor can be extended from the alarm unit; and if the door opens, a loud sound will go off. The alarm unit itself does not take up much space, and it has the limitation of only being compatible with doors that open inwards.  If you want a security system that packs more of a punch, expect to pay anywhere from $100 to $1,500. However, you may be able to mitigate these costs through your insurance company, since homes that are more secure typically have lower homeowners...

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3 Ways To Avoid Overpaying For Locksmith Services

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Losing your car keys can be a major setback for your day, as you may not be able to get to any of your work-related events and you may be stranded in an area far from your home. This event can be extremely overwhelming and stressful, especially if you don’t own a spare key. Well, rather than make this situation harder on yourself, you will find it much better and more convenient to take the time to seek a locksmith before this event potentially presents itself. Finding a locksmith in advance can definitely save you time and money, as you will be able to find a company that: Offers Insurance Discounts and Coverage: If you own a homeowners or auto insurance policy then there is a good chance that you can receive some sort of coverage from your insurance provider. This can allow you to obtain locksmith services at a very big discounted rate and sometimes at no cost. So, while seeking a new locksmith, be sure to contact your insurance provider to see if they offer any sort of coverage for this service and be sure you obtain a list of local locksmith companies that they will cover. Can Offer Multiple Services: Rather than hiring a locksmith that can just create custom keys at the location of where you are locked out, definitely take the time to seek a professional who can unlock your doors with special tools that they own. This can save you a great deal of money, as having them create new keys onsite can be very expensive and time consuming. So, be sure to check if the locksmith you are interested owns the proper tools so you can bypass having to buy a replacement key. Offers Flat Rates: Many locksmith companies will offer rates based on the time that they are requested. This means if you need to obtain services in the early morning then you could be paying far more than you would normally pay if you needed services during the middle of the day. This can be very inconvenient as you just never know when you may need services. So, rather than get rates based on the time that you need service, be sure to seek a company that can offer a flat rate regardless of the time that you need their service. So, before you potentially lose your car keys, definitely take the time to seek a locksmith (such as one from Irvine Lock & Key) that you can trust for quality and affordable services. This will make this event much easier to deal with, as you won’t have to stress to find a locksmith last minute or worry about having to pay top dollar for your locksmith...

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Tips For Making Your Home More Safe And Secure

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Did you know that some 66 percent of break-ins happen to residences? In fact, some 2 million home break-ins take place on a yearly basis. While this type of crime is rampant, you’ll need to be sure that you are doing your part to protect your household and prevent this from happening. You owe it to both yourself and your family in order to keep your home safe from break-in and theft. It is your responsibility as a homeowner to make sure that you’re protecting your house investment and the safety of everyone inside of the home. If you need help in this regard, follow some of these home security tips. Tip #1: Install A Heavy Duty Deadbolt  If you want to be sure that your home is looked after safely, one of the most critical things you can do get a deadbolt installed. Taking advantage of a locksmith who knows about deadbolt locks on your exterior doors. This will make it easier for you to prevent would-be burglars from gaining access to your home. Typically, you can expect to pay between $25 to more than $300 in order to upgrade to a heavy duty deadbolt. You’ll want to make sure that your locks are commercial grade, in order to keep your home safe.  Tip #2: Make Your Home Look Lived In The best thing you can do for your home security is make sure that you give the appearance that you’re home and active. You can invest in a low-energy lighting fixtures that you can leave on around the clock, while also installing exterior lighting that will increase your home’s visibility. Burglars typically want to avoid as many altercation as possible, so they’ll be less likely to break in if they think that your household is awake and active.  Tip #3: Get A Home Security Audit  You’ll want to reach out to a police officer in your area who can perform a walk through of your home. When doing this, they will pinpoint some weaknesses in your home that are susceptible to break-in, while making you aware of how burglars operate and how you can further protect yourself. This will give you great information that will help you upgrade the way you handle your security measures around your house.  Take advantage of some of this information, so that you can use it to protect your home and prevent break-ins, burglary and other security...

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2 Quick, Afforable Replacement Options for Unusual Keys

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If you lose a spare house key, the solution is simple. You take the original key to a hardware store, have a new copy made, and head along on your way. But sometimes the lost or broken key in question pertains to a more specific locking arrangement. And that specificity also tends to mean a high price tag on the replacement key. But there are sometimes quick, affordable alternative options when dealing with unusual key replacements. Child-Proof Magnetic Cabinet Locks  Keeping young children out of the kitchen cabinets often requires the use of locks. And a new breed of magnetic locks allows parents to lock the cabinets without changing the exterior appearance. The lock base is installed to the rear of a cabinet door. This lock can only be opened with an included rare earth magnetic key that is pressed against the spot on the door in front of the base. These lock and key setups can be found for a reasonable price online. But if you lose the key and desperately need into the locked cabinet, you can’t wait around for an online order to ship out. But you’re not out of luck. Simply head to the local hardware store or large general purpose store and look for a strong refrigerator magnet. Look for a model that advertises itself as a rare earth magnet. You will now essentially have a replacement key for your cabinet and a new refrigerator magnet. Electronic Car Keys The inclusion of electronics into modern car keys makes the duplicating process a bit more difficult. Visiting the dealership can cost you hundreds of dollars for a replacement. But there are a few alternative options. First, stop at any used car dealerships in your area that frequently stock your make of car. Ask if they have any spare keys laying around and what they would charge to create you a new set from the spare. You will still need to pay for the key, but it will likely cost far less than the new car dealership. You can also try local hardware stores, which frequently advertise the ability to duplicate specialized automotive keys. Or you can cut to the chase and head straight to a reputable locksmith. Always test to make sure the key works before you pay. Even well-intended key creators can make mistakes and you don’t want to leave the shop still without a working key to your car. For more information, talk to a professional like ASAP Mobile...

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Useful Craft Ideas For Old Padlocks

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Old padlocks are beautiful objects by themselves. You can display them as decoration in your home. You can also use them to make interesting objects that are useful in your home. Those padlocks might be old but they still work. Make beautiful crafts from them for your home. Key Holder People place key holder next to the front door so they can place their keys on them as soon as they get home. When they go to leave, the key is right there easy to find. Key holders make sure you don’t spend precious minutes searching for missing keys. What better use for antique padlocks than as key holders? Use metal epoxy to glue padlocks upside down on a board or piece of antiqued metal. Epoxy guarantees a strong chemical bond. Place S-hooks on the loop part of the padlocks and pinch the one end closed with pliers. Leave the dangling end open to hang your keys. Best Friend Key-chains Use smaller, not-so-heavy padlocks to make best friend key-chains. Place a sturdy jump ring on the loop part of the padlock. Add beads, gems, pendants, feathers, or whatever decorations you want on the jump ring and then add a split ring. The split ring is the ring often used for key-chains. Do the same thing with the matching key so that the two pieces look similar. What’s fun about these key-chains is that neither of them have any use when the best friends aren’t together. The key won’t open anything and the padlock won’t open at all. That is, until the best friends are together. Craft Storage Padlocks are a great, decorative way to store common craft goods. Slip the loops on a pair of scissors on to the padlock and lock it. The scissors won’t open. This is great if you have kids that love to play with scissors. Keep jump rings and other findings on the loop of the padlock. They won’t get tangled or end up spread about your craft drawer. With padlocks, even storage can be crafty and look awesome. Locked Box Build an old wood box and keep it locked with the antique padlock. The box will have a rustic look that’s perfect for a country-themed home. Fill it with items you need to keep stored or leave it empty as decoration. Another great locked box idea is to make a birdhouse. Make the front of the birdhouse a door and keep it locked with the padlock. You will have to unlock the padlock to put food inside the birdhouse. It will look like a country home for the wild birds. No matter how old, a padlock still has use. They look beautiful, as well, and are perfect for crafts of all kind. For more creative ideas, speak with experts like LI Locksmiths...

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How Hiring A Locksmith Can Help Your Business

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There are several ways to add security measures to your daily activities around your business. If you are a small business owner, using these measures is imperative in order to keep your wares, company information and financial assets safe from theft. They can also help in case of an emergency. Here are a few ways that hiring a locksmith can help you around your business, keeping your belongings and your employees safe. Door Keys A locksmith can key all of your entryways so that a master-key can be used by you or someone else you designate. This is very helpful when you need to access an area quickly, as you will have the key that lets you into the area without needing to search through several choices on a key ring. If someone accidentally locks themselves inside a room, you would be able to get them out with the master-key, saving time you would have spent to wait for your locksmith to arrive.  Access Control Systems An access control system can be installed by a locksmith to help you keep track of who is coming into your business at any given time. If you have several employees, this can be hooked up to a time clock, helping you keep track of hours worked. If anything were to happen within your business, you would have access to a list of names of the employees inside the building at the time of the mishap. If you are worried about employee theft, having access control system service can help you in determining who may be involved. It is also a deterrent in theft, as most employees will not risk ill behavior while knowing they are being tracked. Push Bars Consider having push bars installed on doors in case of a fire or other evacuation event. Employees would be able to swiftly get out of the building without needing to worry about keys or locks. A push bar is a faster way to get the door open than a doorknob would be and it can be hooked up to an alarm. If the door is opened, it would alert people within the building that there is an emergency and that they should get out right away. Lock Issues If you have a breach in security, you can have a locksmith arrive the same day to change out the locks on your business. Attempted robbery or a disgruntled employee are reasons to have codes changed in access systems or to have physical locks replaced.  If you have filing cabinets or safes that you cannot access due to a lost key, a locksmith (such as A & R Lockshop) would be able to come to your rescue. The enclosure would be opened for you and if needed, a locksmith can make you a new key or replace the lock on the equipment so you will not be unable to access your goods...

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